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5 Most Useful Chemistry Websites that Everyone Should Visit

Welcome back to the academic center! In this article, we have collected top 5 websites that we find most useful for you. Please check out the links below! American Chemical Society (ACS) The American Chemical Society is one of the most accessed websites in the world. Not only does it contains a huge collections of journals, ACS also has…


Laboratory Apparatus And Their Uses

Have you ever wondered why there are many similar-looking equipment in the the lab and what they are used for ? Laboratory apparatus are integral parts of experiments.Our team has gathered some information on important lab equipment that you may counter. In this article, you will find useful links that will explain the different types…


Periodic Table

What is periodic table? According to American Chemical Society (ACS), a period table is a table of chemical elements that displays organizing principles of matter. Elements are organized in periods(rows) and in groups (columns). The periodic table is often used to find properties among different elements and thus, is a powerful tool in chemistry and…